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Eyelash Extensions Bognor Regis

Enhance Your Gaze with Expert Lash Artistry

Wake up every day with eyelashes on fleek that add life and colour to your eyes. Whether you need eyelash extensions or a lash lift, we create captivating and fluttering eyelashes that enhance your beauty and boost your confidence.

At Beyond Beauty Bognor, we offer premium eyelash procedures that are designed to accentuate your eyes, adding depth and allure to your gaze. From subtle boosts to dramatic transformation, our professional eyelash technicians are here to bring out the best in your lashes.

Your Top Choice for Eyelash Extensions Bognor Regis

Not everyone is blessed with long and curly natural lashes. But thanks to lash extensions, anyone can have longer, fuller, and more attractive lashes that add definition and highlight to the eyes. If you are looking for premium eyelash extensions Bognor service, you have come to the right place.

Visit our Bognor Regis beauty salon and transform your lashes with our semi-permanent lash extensions. Our skilled estheticians have years of experience in meticulously applying individual lash extensions to create the length, volume, and curl that suit your style. Enjoy long, luscious lashes without the long hours of tedious maintenance and multiple reapplications of waterproof mascara!

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Our Premium Eyelash Services

At Beyond Beauty Bognor, we are dedicated to enhancing your natural beauty through our range of premium eyelash services. Our experienced technicians and lash artists will work closely with you in creating stunning lash transformations that will leave you feeling confident and radiant. Whether you want to elevate your lashes with a lift, add definition with tinting, or combine treatments for a complete eye makeover, we have the perfect solutions for you.

2D-3D Russian volume eyelash extensions – Patch test required – 3 hrs, 10 mins

Experience the ultimate in volume and fluffiness with our 2D-3D Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions. Perfect for those who desire a fuller, more dramatic look, these extensions involve applying two to three ultra-fine lashes to each natural lash, creating a lush, multi-dimensional effect that feels light as air and lasts for weeks

Infills at 2 hrs, 1hr or 40 mins.

4D Russian volume eyelash extensions – Patch test required – 3 hrs, 15 mins

Transform your lashes with our 4D Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions, offering a luxuriously full and textured look. This technique applies four delicate extensions to each natural lash, resulting in a rich, voluminous fan that enhances eye shape and adds a touch of glamour to every blink.

Infills at 2hrs 15 mins, 1hrs 15 mins or 45 mins.

Full set individual eyelash extensions – 2 hrs, 15 mins

Experience the allure of a Full Set of Individual Eyelash Extensions, meticulously applied to each natural lash for a bespoke, natural-looking enhancement. Perfect for everyday elegance or special occasions, these extensions provide length, volume, and a beautiful curl, creating a stunning, eye-defining effect that lasts.

Individual eyelash extensions-infills with Sandra – 1 hr, 15 mins

Individual eyelash extensions-infills with Evija – 1 hr, 15 mins

Remove eyelashes – 30 mins

Patch test – 15 mins


lash lift to provide features

Eyelash Lift – 1 hour

Say goodbye to the daily hassle of using an eyelash curler and hello to effortlessly glamorous lashes that last for weeks. Achieve beautifully lifted and curled lashes with our lash lift service. This treatment opens up your eyes, giving them a wide and refreshed appearance. A patch test is required before starting the procedure.

Eyelash Tinting – 30 minutes

Enhance the colour and definition of your lashes with our eyelash tinting service. Perfect for those with lighter lashes, our professional-grade tint adds depth and drama to your eyes. In as quick as 30 minutes, you can enjoy a more striking and alluring look. A patch test is required before starting the procedure.

Eyelash Tint, Eyebrow Tint, and Eyebrow Wax – 30 minutes

For a complete eye transformation, indulge in our comprehensive package that combines eyelash tint, eyebrow tint, and eyebrow wax services, leaving you with beautifully coordinated and well-defined eyes. Visit our beauty salon now and enjoy perfectly matched lashes and brows that frame your face beautifully. A patch test is required before starting the procedure.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting – 30 minutes

Another combo in our menu is the eyelash and eyebrow tinting service. Highlight both your lashes and brows with this quick and efficient treatment that adds depth and dimension to your eyes, resulting in a more polished and put-together appearance. In just a few minutes, you’ll leave our spa with eyes that captivate. A patch test is required before starting the procedure.

Any new and existing client that has not had an extension, tinting or lash lift service with Beyond Beauty in the past 6 months require a patch test. Ensure you book an appointment to avoid disappointment. 

Lash Glue Patch Test (Russian or Classic) – Patch test must be done 24 hours before treatment (new clients) – 15 mins

Tint patch test for eyebrows and eyelashes – Must be done minimum 24 hours before your treatment (new clients) – 15 mins

Lashlift patch Test – Must be done minimum 24 hours before your treatment (new clients) – 15 mins

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Let your long and luscious lashes bring out your confidence and speak about your personality.
Whether you desire a gentle boost or a dramatic flair, our top-tier eyelash treatments are customized to match your individual taste. Book your appointment today, and let us transform your lashes into a creative work of art. It’s time to discover the beauty of striking, well-defined eyes at Beyond Beauty Bognor.

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