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Semi Permanent Makeup Bognor Regis

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty with Expert Semi-Permanent Makeup Solutions in Bognor Regis

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up every morning with eyebrows on fleek and beautiful plump lips that never go away? With our semi-permanent makeup treatments and services, this is possible!

At Beyond Beauty Bognor, we specialise in enhancing your natural beauty with precision and artistry. Say goodbye to the hassle of wearing make-up in the morning and removing it at night, and hello to effortless elegance that lasts and makes you feel comfortable all day and night. With our wide range of semi-permanent makeup treatments, you will discover a more confident, radiant you.

Our Semi Permanent Makeup Bognor Regis Services

We offer a wide range of semi-permanent makeup treatments and services in Bognor Regis designed to enhance your natural features and add life and colour to your face. Our professional and experienced beauty technicians are committed to giving you the confidence and convenience of makeup that lasts.

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PMU Eyeliner – 3 hours

Wake up with defined, alluring eyes every day with our PMU eyeliner treatment. Whether you desire a subtle enhancement or a bold, dramatic look, our expert technicians will create the perfect style that suits eye shape, facial features, and overall personality. 

PMU Eyeliner Touch Up – 2 hours and 30 mins.

Maintain the intensity and perfection of your PMU eyeliner with our touch-up service. We’ll ensure your liner looks as fresh and captivating as the day it was first applied, giving you a long-lasting, smudge-free look.

PMU Powder Eyebrows Touch Up – 3 hours

Experience the magic of perfectly sculpted brows that frame your face flawlessly. Our PMU powder eyebrows touch-up service will refresh your brows, adding depth and definition, while ensuring they remain impeccably shaped.

PMU Powder Eyebrows – 3 hours

Achieve perfectly groomed and naturally shaded brows with our PMU powder eyebrows treatment. No need to spend time on brow maintenance and constantly reapply brow makeup every once in a while.

PMU Lip Blush – 4 hours

For enhanced lips with a subtle, natural tint, our PMU lip blush treatment is designed to add definition and a healthy flush to your lips. Our lip blush semi-permanent makeup service will give you soft, beautifully coloured lips that stay kissable all day long.

Young woman on permanent make-up procedure, tattooing eyebrows

PMU Lip Touch Up – 3 hours

Maintain the allure and vibrancy of your lip colour with our touch-up service. Keep your lips looking fresh and vibrant, ensuring they remain a standout feature of your overall look.

Microblading Semi-Permanent Make-up – 3 hours

Wake up with natural-looking hair strokes every morning! Our Microblading service transforms thin or sparse brows into beautifully sculpted masterpieces. 

Microblading Semi-Permanent Make-up (Touch Up) – 2 hours and 5 mins.

Maintain the beauty of your microblading semi-permanent make up with our touch-up service. We’ll ensure your brows maintain their flawless appearance, leaving you with confidence at every glance.

Microblading Yearly Colour Boost – 3 hours

Make your semi-permanent eyebrow makeup last permanently. Let us refresh the colour and vibrancy of your eyebrows with our yearly colour boost service, keeping your brows looking stunning and attention-grabbing year after year after year.

Young woman on permanent make-up procedure, tattooing eyebrows

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